Your wish, my command!


How many times in life don’t we just wish there was an (almost) magical solution to our problems? Well, I did, quite a few times. Needless to mention exactly how many.

If I were to give my three wishes to someone, here are their names and their wish list:

1. To my future self: the determination to fully, yet not foolishly follow my dreams
2. To my future child: the capacity and strength to always fulfill his/her own calling
3. To the future generation: to be the change that we may have not completely managed to bring; pick up where we left it and ‘make this world a better place’.

For we do not need magic to save us, because we can create the space and time for most of our wishes to come true; just listen to your inner voice, it always tells you what to do.

Whom would you grant your three wishes to?

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