Saturday: The back up plan


This morning, I couldn’t help but wake up late and start my day with an instant satisfaction grin, that basically meant ‘I get to rule the world today’. Well, at least my world. The previous night, all I could do and think of was were I should go and what should I do today. It’s amazing how when we get time on our hands, we suddenly feel overwhelmed by the multitude of choices and end up feeling, well, lost? That is why, my ‘brilliant’ self came up with the idea of making a Saturday Wish List that included loads of fun things to do; somehow, jotting things down has always helped me organize my thoughts.

Saturday late afternoon, I opened my eyes and frantically ran towards the windows to smell the fresh air of freedom – which to my own disappointment, smelled like RAIN?! I could suddenly feel my enthusiasm going down the drain, literally. However, I was definitely not going to spend the day at home, no matter how unexpected the weather change, after all, it was England. It seems that even after five months in Colchester, I couldn’t really come to grip with the weather. I put all my hopes in the fact that despite the rainy day, there would be sunny spells as well.

Now that my seaside dreams had been shattered, all I could think of was shopping, lots and lots of shopping. It turned out not to be such a bad idea, after all. On weekends, the town center’s narrow streets are simply filled with people, the whole age range population on the loose. And to my surprise, I actually did enjoy the rush and the shopping fever everyone seemed to be infected with. The narrow cobble stone streets, the old architecture and the smell of freshly ground coffee around the corner – and I am not talking Starbucks, but some real coffee merchants selling coffee beans out of big, brown bags and preparing on the spot, your favorite mix or whatever you wish to experiment.

One big vanilla cappuccino later, even the weather seemed to brighten up. This only meant one thing, I was ready for my back-up plan, which never failed to cheer me up: extravagant amount of shopping. I guess this is trick can always manage to put a smile on a girl’s face. Because the new shoes, the new matching bag and the quite a few cosmetics definitely made me smile. Ah, t’was one of those perfect moments I wish my sister and my girl friends were there only to encourage me to buy more stuff, by reassuring me how good it looked on me or  how much I really needed those strap sandals for the summer.


Cheers, darlings, it’s the weekend!


And it is finally Friday!! There is no greater celebration on the calendar than the Saint Friday Eve to all the faithful workers around the globe, or Europe at least, from what I know, as I have never left the European island in the past 25 years.

‘Happy Friday!’ seems to be just the perfect way to start the day and your corporate e-mails, for that matter. With the risk of sounding a bit cheesy, I simply loooved the Friday morning e-mail greetings, all in the same pattern, perhaps with a funny happy dance video or jpeg attached,  all of them simply spreading the joy of leaving the office for two days straight, or more, thanks to bank holidays and those times, it felt like Christmas… Nonetheless, community management days are now long time gone for me, and to be completely honest, I do not really miss that; I definitely do not miss the eight hours/day work that added up to the one hour lunch break, it got you nine hours of perfect office job: back pains and eye strains from that flat monitor I had to stare into. But I do miss my work colleagues, they were simply amazing peeps! And oh, my, the conversations we had on Skype – if one was to carefully examine the conversation history, all he could conclude was that these people must be working in a circus or something. Now, now, we did have the capacity to brainstorm and figure out pro-active work-arounds for whatever the issue might have been, but we sure loved to ramble and we were pretty good at it!

As a matter of fact, we were the fun team of of the company, our 3rd floor in the cutting-edge, glass business center was known as the craziest in the whole building and we lived up to that reputation! And I am more than positive those sweet people still do! Looking back, I reckon just how amazing my last day at the job was…it had also coincided with the Halloween day, so the level of creativity and low interest for the job never peaked that high. That morning, I arrived at work ‘bearing gifts’: little, sad goodbye chocolate boxes and the special equipment for the PUMPKIN CONTEST!!! Yes, the whole company was into this pumpkin carving contest and of course, costumes! Now, who could possibly still do the responsible job when the fun one needed all of our attention?! Sadly, our team did not win, I got the sad news a few days after leaving the job, but I know for a fact that our pumpkin set was the best in the whole company, you know why? Because it was edible! Muhahahaa

Huuuh…telling this story makes me feel quite home sick right now and I wish I could once more, just hang out there at a karaoke show, tossing up beers with those cool mates! Hopefully, soon enough, I will be able to meet up with them again and do lots of  catching up over a drink. Alright, none of my intentions to turn a happy blog post into a retrospective, melancholic one, but what  may I say? Grab your good friends and make sure you start celebrating the weekend starting from tonight, because remember that ‘time’s a wasting’!

Cheers, mates and Happy Friday to you all!