Let the Storm Rage On


Fear enslaves the soul.

It keeps it trapped from the world outside and so, it slowly dies.

A life filled with fear seems an unacceptable concept nowadays. Look around, everything seems to be danger proof, the perfect society for the individuals to be themselves. Or so we like to believe and proclaim. Stories of people who, apparently, hold the key to success and have made up a reputation for themselves are the role models that escaped their fears. We look at the magazines covers portraying accomplished caricatures. Yes, caricatures. The exaggerate boldness and almost unseemly satisfaction printed on their faces. How will the ordinary social animal, the middle class working man ever climb up to that? Aren’t they human just like the rest of us? Then how come we are still struggling and nothing changes? I believe that the answer to that is quite simple: confront your fears.

We are way too scared of what the others may think of us if we took the situation in our hands and take some decisions that according to them, ‘do not represent us’. Truth be told, how could they possibly know what does represent us? Nobody truly knows how much you struggle or what kind of sacrifices you are willing to make, just to live up to the expectations. Thus, no one has got no right to judge, not even those we call our friends. Unless they are going to be there when you need them, not worth considering the destructive feed back provided.

Just let it go. Simply put all that behind you.

My role models are Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King just to name but a few, people who conquered their fear, who stood faithful to their beliefs, and fought till the end for what was right, not just for them but for everybody else’s right to freedom from a life in fear.

I personally, made a promise to myself, that no matter how painful or how rough the patch I find myself on, I will not give in to my fears. I may cry, I may stumble but I will find a way to stand up again. I know I will and I also know that the more I try to have full control of what is going on in my life, the less chances there are to succeed. This year I learnt to let it go and to have faith that all things do work in our best interest. Mistakes, failures, heartbreak …  you name it, they all can’t but push me forward, audaciously.


in response to – http://dailypost.wordpress.com/dp_prompt/fearless-fantasies/