To Review or Think Again?



When it comes to picking up a new book, do you go for reviews first, or would you rather take the matter in your own hands? 

Usually, I do not go for reviews because I truly believe they’re nothing more than spoilers. Besides, I recall times when after going through the review I would have a shocking experience face-to-face with reality, so to speak. Nowadays, the most I can do about carefully picking up a new reading is check out the writer’s bio and decide from there on. Or, in some cases, I decide to start reading a new book when a close friend recommends it, because I know very well the type of readers they are,  just like they know me, thus, no exhaustive review in advance. 

Up to present day, this technique has never failed me.

Have you got any tips and tricks for discovering the perfect new reading on your list?

Feel free to share 🙂


2 thoughts on “To Review or Think Again?

  1. LM

    I did once an experiment: I bought books only because they had fancy covers. Don’t do it ! Based on my experience, fancy covers are there to conceal from you the essence of the book. It’s safer to read the resume from the back cover.


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