Confessions of Procrastination


When did we stop appreciating the simple, surrounding and all over us things in life?

Today started with an urging desire to re-connect with the nature, no matter how old, Romanesque it may sound, I felt drawn to Madre Earth. Perhaps it was the incredibly sunny sky with no clouds at the horizon, but all I could do for almost four hours and half was grab my girly, cheesy book recently acquired and drag my still heavy from sleepiness body, all the way to the back yard. That’s the great thing about these houses: separating, quite-tall fences that kept the greener grass out of sight. As I was lying in the strong sunshine, still in my jammies, and with my inmanquable grande Starbucks mug in one hand, I immersed myself in the reading. It was a darn good day for tanning at the beach, but due to low cash income I had to postpone that for the weekend when my weekly pay would also kick in so maybe I could also afford to go and grab that gorgeous swimsuit I couldn’t help but obsess with, ever since I’ve seen it in Accessorize. And maybe some new, fancy flip flops that would match the swimsuit. Okay, this was the reason why I had not been able to set a quid aside for dark days in my savings account.

Ahh…the smell and sound of the sea, how much I miss that!

Nonetheless, my days as here were soon to be over and I was finding myself, once again in the job hunt again. One of the perks of working for Molly was that on some days I would have the house to myself, the whole big and quiet house to myself. The mere peace and quiet was so refreshing that going out was not even so attractive any longer. Well, beside the laundry I had to do and the slight tiding up of the house, I was free to be myself. I did miss the boys in the first 4 to 5 hours but afterwards I was finding it so stress-free to be able to keep my stuff where ever I wanted without worrying that ‘Oh, if I put that there, baby Tyler might be able to grab it and unintentionally smash it maybe’ or ‘if Marc sees that, he will definitely bombard my day with incessant questions about its existence’. Oh no, do not get me wrong, I totally love the kids, just that sometimes, they could be a handful.

Thrown back into reality, I felt kind of light headed, so I decided get back inside and have some lunch so that the rumbling noise coming from my stomach would finally stop. Which was normal, once I saw that I had been up for the past five hours and hadn’t grabbed a bite at all?

Afterwards, I have decided it was high time I wrote that general, multi-purpose whatever cover letter – oh, I REALLY TRULY HATE writing cover letters. But this time, I knew that was no more time for procrastinating so I hurried to open up my e-mail, check latest updates from friends and perhaps watch an episode or two maybe of my currently favorite series.


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